Role of sensor in color rendering?

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Re: Sensor Cross-Talk

The Ghost of Caravaggio wrote:

lélé wrote:


But do you think that, for example, the hue shift towards a 'slightly greenish brown' of caucasian skin tones when viewed from an angle and in the shadow is really caused by cross-talking?

My goal was to address your question on the parent post

"I was wondering how the camera sensor, in particular the CFA design, could impact that."

The answer is yes - it is possible Sensor assembly design can affect perceived hue rendering.

Of all the possible causes for perceived hue rendering shifts in shadows, I doubt sensor assembly design most probable source .

"The belief that ‘randomness’ is some kind of real property existing in Nature is a form of the mind projection fallacy which says, in effect, ‘I don’t know the detailed causes – therefore – Nature does not know them."
E.T Jaynes, Probability Theory: The Logic of Science

Dr. Fairchild says on the subject of colour perception, "I can take any wavelength and make it appear almost any color" - 7 mins listen:

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