Landscape telephoto lenses

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Re: Landscape telephoto lenses

bloodsoul wrote:

Pana 35-100 (4-5.6) - the shortest one, does any of you got it and doesn't crave for more millimetres?

I don't have it but I do have the 35-100/2.8 so I will say that I find it a useful range of focal lengths for landscape.  Shooting landscapes with longer lenses can be tricky because you start to have problems with atmospheric effects.  So yeah, if I wanted a budget tele for landscape, I'd definitely look at the Panasonic 35-100/4-5.6.

Pana 45-200 - I read some bad opinions about the quality of the glass, from the other hand people trouble to shoot handheld with such a light and long zoom hence the softness.

I'm one of the people that didn't like theirs. I literally gave mine away. It was quite soft at the long end.

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