Sekonic Illuminometer i-346 Light Meter

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Richard B99 Senior Member • Posts: 2,649
Re: Sekonic Illuminometer i-346 Light Meter

TheMighty2006 wrote:

Hi All,

I’d appreciate some feedback on this or another good light meter.

I’m keen to buy one.


Take a close look at the specs for the i-346.  That seems to be a meter that reads in Lux/foot candles (light level) rather than helping with camera settings.  I couldn’t see anything relating to it being a photographic settings meter.  Make sure that this is what you need.

The L308 X (same form factor) is a very good basic photography and flash meter with a ‘cine’ (video) mode as well as stills.  I really only use an incident light meter for complex flash setups these days and this does the job well.  (It’s also a bit cheaper than the 346.)


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