How interested in vlogging are you?

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Vlog = video blog. Many people think a vlogger is a socialite, famous person, product reviewer, musician or similar. But it’s anyone who blogs using a video; often they’re 1) videos of the vlogger’s face with a simple or dramatic background or holding something, 2) video of a product, landscape or cityscape, or 3) video of the blogger making, building or doing something or 4) video stills. Text and images may be added in post. Often there’s a speaking audio track and/or music. A typical vlog may have one or all of these elements in a finished vlog. Some post a new vlog once a week, others more often.

On Youtube, for example, there are vloggers from 100 to 100,000 followers that record their daily life, their hobbies, their pets, their children. It could be a private pilot or flight attendant, an international student or an adventure traveler. There are people living in their RV’s; whatever. There’s every topic imaginable.

When a vlogger starts to grow, they may open a donor account (like a donor subscription), sell T-Shirts and hats, and acquire sponsorships. During the pandemic, I’ve seen new vloggers grow from 5000 to 70000 subscribers in 3 months. Some people are really likable, knowledgeable, and interesting and their “topic” is interesting as well.

Many of these more beginner/consumer vloggers use a Canon G7X model. This new RX100-like Sony, with the lower price and superior autofocus will put the hurt on the Canons.

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