Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

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Re: Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

samemilio wrote:

It's kind of hard to gauge what sort of an answer to give to this considering how confusing your initial post is. You've been shooting video for a long time with a 5D Mark I - a camera which does not shoot video - but then on more serious projects you go to the other extreme and use an Alexa?

If you're wanting quick results from video then the RP is fine, but if you're wanting to shoot anything more than basic videos and have any control over the image then wouldn't the R5 be the obvious choice?

Its not confusing. I mostly shoot professionally for a living, so pro motion picture cameras work best for my work.

I shoot stills as a hobby and very infrequently, professionally. I have a Nikon Set, which I am very happy with. And I understand the Nikon system.

The 5D set, as I mentioned, is very old, and has been used to shoot self funded work (short films, a documentary etc). the 5D Mark 1 does shoot video. Its not the best solution for shooting video, but coming from a pro cinematographer, neither is any DSLR or Mirrorless. The best solutions for video are cameras built for video only.

I have never followed up on the canon system, but since my body is now bust, it needs a replacement. My original post was wondering whether I should go for RP or R5. I guess with some good advice here, I should wait for R5.

Thanks everyone. I have my answer now.

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