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Re: What settings should I have used?

Fishrman wrote:

You make it all sound so easy! Practice Practice Practice. Hard for me to remember all those little things to do but I will keep trying. I like the idea of adding a background. Never done that before and something I should learn.

Very easy. Just set your FZ2500 to P mode, and setup extra optical zoom of 28.1x at 10MP and then store it into custom-1. Then set extra optical zoom of 40x at 5MP and store it into custom-2. This is done at home before you go out to shoot.

Now while shooting, if you need zoom beyond the FZ2500's standard zoom of 20x, just

  1. Spin the mode dial to custom-1 or custom-2 to get the amount of extra zoom you want.
  2. Frame the zoomed scene in the viewfinder.
  3. Press the thumbwheel down to enable exposure compensation which will be indicated by the EC readout in the viewfinder turning orange. Then almost in the same motion spin the thumbwheel to adjust exposure compensation for the exposure you want.
  4. Half press the shutter to lock focus and then snap the picture.

Super fast and easy on the FZ1000 and FZ2500 cameras. If you have the zebra overlay displayed in your viewfinder, ignore the over exposure of the sky and just adjust for optimum exposure of the bird. All of this can be done in P mode. As you gain experience you can start using A and S modes. With my FZ1000, I shoot almost everything in P mode and only use A or S modes very occasionally for specific shots.

Once you understand the steps, there's no need to remember "all of the little things".

BTW, if you're afraid the bird will fly away before you adjust EC in step-3 above, skip step-3 and snap a picture of the bird.  Then do step-3 and take a second picture of the bird.

In post processing if the sky was over exposed, use the sky shot you took for the background and paste the extracted bird and branches on it. Because I always have the zebra overlay enabled on my FZ1000, I can always tell when the sky will be over exposed and then take a second "sky only" shot for use in post processing later. .... I love electronic viewfinders.


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