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Re: What settings should I have used?

Fishrman wrote:

AnthonyL wrote:

I'm still not sure you have fully understood this. Your number of pixels is not affected by your optical zoom. Whatever optical zoom setting you have you will have 20megapixels.

When I said "as many pixels" I meant you want your bird to be as big in your image as possible. It is far too small to show all the detail that is there and ideally you would have the whole bird taking up the 20 megapixels. By zooming in fully you'd have nearly 3x the size of the bird in your picture and far less background, unless you wanted a lot of tree and sky of course.

A bit of reading on optical v digital zoom I think is warranted, and experiment - it's quite cheap to take photos you know, not like when I started.

Is this not optical zoom? "Extra Optical Zoom (EZ)28.1x (3:2 / 10M (M)), 40x (3:2 / 5M (S))" It was my understanding that the 10M referred to 10 Megapixel and the 5M referred to 5 megapixel. Cheap it is! We are probably close to the same vintage. So would the extra optical zoom be considered digital and something I shouldn't use?

The extra optical zoom of Panasonic cameras is true optical zoom and not digital zoom.  I see that you already know that the 10MP setting gives 28.1x zoom and that the 5MP setting gives 40x zoom.

The big advantage of using the extra optical zoom (instead of cropping from a 20MP image) is that if maximum normal zoom of 20x is used for a 20MP image then exposure is based on the entire wide view scene, not what will be cropped out later. .... On the other hand, if extra optical zoom is used at the 10MP setting, then exposure is based on the 28.1x zoomed image and it ignores the wider view scene that will not be part of the final image.

Also focus can be more accurately targeted on the subject using extra optical zoom than having a wide view of the scene, with a small target.


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