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Hi, I live in florida and the indoor temperature is always low vs the high temperatures outside + high humidity. I keep my camera gear in my camera bag but that doesn’t help avoiding condensation on the sensor and lenses.

Any suggestions besides the obvious ?

I keep all my camera gear in a cupboard with two bags of "DampRid" (available at any hardware store).

That stuff sucks up moisture incredibly well although they do need to be periodically replaced (but the cost is nothing compared to the value of what it protects).

And worth saying that I am in no way affiliated with this company...

Silica gel doesn't get close .. Your camera gear will be completely desiccated in short order by this chemical

Um, what, exactly, is the downside of camera gear being dry ("desiccated")?

Also, it's a good idea to keep a hygrometer in your cabinet to monitor the actual humidity level there. They only cost a few bucks.

I've never found silica gel packs to reduce humidity in my cabinets, drawers and camera bags below about 40%, so no worries.

Moisture is really the enemy (to most things you want to preserve) so there really is no "down side" to having your gear stored as dry as possible.

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