Probably leaving M43...

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Probably leaving M43...

....and you're probably wondering why i'm even posting this, not having been a prolific poster in the past. Well, it's just in case it strikes a chord with anyone else i suppose !

I have been with M43 since the GF1 w/20 f1.7, and thought it was fantastic (20 f.17 is my all time favourite lens - and i actually regret selling the GF1). I moved on to the E-M5 (mostly with 17/f1.7) and then E-5Mii w/12-40 f2.8, and i also have the plastic fantastic 40-150 and the Rokinon 7.5 FE.

That said, over the past couple of years i have found myself using my dedicated camera less and less, having bought various Pixel phones and mostly using them for snapshots. The picture quality of the Pixel cameras has been pretty good......but i always thought my E-M5ii was better, so i hung on to my kit. i took my trusty E-M5ii and 12-40 f2.8 out for a walk in the first time for ages and ages. To be fair, i have always shot raw before with the camera but i thought that - considering my phone is set to take jpg - it would be fine to leave my camera on super-fine jpg this time. It was late morning, the sun was shining, and very good light. I ended up being very disappointed and somewhat perplexed.

When i looked at the photos this evening I found that - compared to what i was used too from my Pixel 3 - the photos were soft, and things like leaves in trees very mushy.

Thinking this can't be right I took a couple of comparison photos this evening  (as the sun was setting), and below are comparative crops from outside my window. Pixel 3 on the left, E-M5ii/12-40 f2.8 on the right. For a fair comparison, the E-M5ii was set to auto. To me the P3 image looks much better from a sharpness/light/colour accuracy/dynamic range point of view. I appreciate the P3 uses computational photography (this photo was not using night-sight), but in retrospect i was shocked how much less detailed the photos i took earlier today were than i had got used to with my P3.

The E-M5ii photo on the right below is brighter, but that's about it - in my opinion the with the P3 photo here has more more dynamic range, for example. Personally - having been there at the time - I think the P3 photo is better and more accurate light/colour-wise. Plus, it was 12mp vs 16mp zoomed in from the same place.

Pixel left, E-M5ii w/12-40 f2.4 right

Yes, i know someone will tell me that i can squeeze more out of the M43 sensor by using raw (like i did in the past) and doing X, Y, Z before I take a shot, but  to be honest i just want to take pictures, not mess around with settings every time.

And yes, i also know that someone will tell me i can get better photos of stars/super-telephoto/macro/fisheye/etc. objects with a dedicated interchangeable-lens camera, but for me those are like 1-in-1000 situations. I think i can live without those.

And yes, yes, i know you can get more out of a M43 photo in post processing (my experience of post processing Pixel images is not good - if you haven't nailed it in the initial shot you can pretty much forget it, since Google has already had a crack at it).

But I'm thinking if the forthcoming Pixel 5 gives me wide angle and optical 200mm full-frame equivalent zoom (plus better video, which is getting more important to me!), i'm going to get that and sell my M43 gear. This is not a criticism of anyone else and their choice, and i would love to find a reason to stay with M43, but if the next generation of phone cameras improves even a little bit, personally FOR ME I don't see a benefit in carrying a dedicated camera.

I have had a great deal of pleasure from M43, and from browsing this forum for the past 10 years or so, but i'm starting to think that i'm not that serious about the technical aspects of photography any more and i just want to take photos without worrying about detailed settings, etc.

All the best, peace and good vibes.


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