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Re: Agreed - SB800 user intrface is awful!

nbirkett wrote:

How do the Nikon interfaces compare to the interfaces on the Godox flashes?

Just me, but pretty much the way they compare to Canon flashes. The V860 II/TT685 UI design is...um... a close homage tothe UI of the 600EX-RT.

There are reasons Canon shooters have the best compatibility with Godox—I strongly suspect the entire system was based on reverse-engineering a 600EX-RT. The -C versions of the TT685 and V860II get group D&E settings/controls, and full two-way camera menu integration with Digic IV and later bodies, down to custom function settings (IOW, the wireless flash settings in camera menus will adjust on-camera transmitter settings down to the group-level and changes on the transmitter will reflect in the camera menus. And with Godox, this works for both radio and smart optical). Canon has no M group with Godox. Masters are always in Group A; and as radio/optical masters the master speedlight can cycle through Gr [mixed]/all-M/all-TTL grouping modes with five groups. Everybody else gets only an M+A-C Gr-like-mode.

The only Canon RT features that Godox didn'timplement are the film and autothyristor metering modes, using the wireless flash communication for wireless shutter as well (yes, you can use 600EX-RTs as shutter remotes), the channel graph display, and four-digit ID codes (Godox only implement two-digit codes). They even copied the green/orange master/slave LCD backlight scheme.  What Godox did implement that Canon didn't would include in their RT system are TCM and (believe it or not) rear-curtain sync over radio.

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