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Re: What do YOU want in a "journalism" camera ???

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

eya1 wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

BTW: The newly released FZ1000-"II" has additional features including the a "Pre-Capture" where you can capture the "peak" of action AFTER the "peak". But not sure you would specifically need that.


Can I assume you "like" that feature ???

Hah, I should have clarified: the FZ1000. Jack of all trades, including video, which is important for today's journalist.

BTW: Forgot to include:

11.) Speed/convenience of choice to SIMULTANEOUSLY use BOTH eye-level EVF or rear-LCD. (And the "instant-review" is also available on BOTH.) When no time/ability for "chimping".

12.) QUIET shutter for use in venues (like court-rooms), weddings, etc.), where dSLR's are forbidden.

After experiencing the speed/convenience advantages of ML, (and especially"bridge"- FZ1000), compared to SLR/dSLR use since the '60's, will never go back to 60+yo technology.

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