Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

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Re: Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

Kesha wrote:

Dont buy TT 350P, very bad.
I own it.

To be more informative for folks and persuade them not to buy, you might want to describe how it's very bad, and also how you determined you didn't just get a bad copy or have usage errors (e.g., not seating the flash far enough into the flash hotshoe, or not configuring it as a receiver correctly).

But one of the tradeoffs with cheap 3rd-party gear is that copy variance can be bigger than with more expensive OEM units where they're more rigorously tested (as are the components). That's why you need to choose your retailer with care to make sure they'll cover replacement if you get stuck with a lemon. This is a given with all the 3rd-party lower-cost Chinese manufacturers (Godox, Yongnuo, Meike, Triopo, Voking, etc.), and often why getting a retailer-rebranded/supported version (e.g., Adorama's Flashpoint in the US or Pixapro in the UK) is often recommended, rather than, say, a unit off of Alibaba or eBay from a Chinese seller who won't support you past 30 days.

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