Fuji X-T4 vs Sony A7RIV Comparisons

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Re: Fuji X-T4 vs Sony A7RIV Comparisons

First of all thanks for doing these vídeos!

Its a big difference when looking at 100 or 200%, because of the Sony being a FF with 61mpix. The bokeh was also smother on the Sony as expected.

However on a few photos the exposures were a bit off...one that comes to mind is the flowers in the 56mm comparison, Fuji is overexposed.

As already mentioned the diferences became smaller or non-existant with the A7RIV in crop mode.

Sony a7RIV is indeed the best overall camera out there, no question about that.

It can do landscape, portrait, sports and action, events, you name it.

With fast focus and cropping ability there are few limits out there...biggest one is the money for the camera and the lenses

This said, we have to keep in mind that APS-C isn't only 1500USD or 1800USD cameras, ther are 600-900USD cameras that perform great like the a6400 or the X-T30, and those beat the FF cameras in their pricing range in terms of what they offer.

That is the reason APS-C is the sweet spot for me after DSLRs. Even tried M43, but was a bit too much of a compromisse as i document my family indoors quite a lot (specially now )

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