Deciding between Sony and Olympus systems for landscape/backpacking

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Re: Deciding between Sony and Olympus systems for landscape/backpacking

Chris R-UK wrote:

Martin_99 wrote:

Your setups seems to be too big for hiking to me, but why not. From these two I would definitely choose fullframe because of image quality.

Just curious - why Sony FF and Olympus? Why not Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, etc.?

And why M4/3 and FF but no APS-C?

Have you priced out the two alternatives and compared the weights? FF wins out on image quality, so the only reasons for going for M4/3 are price and size/weight. APS-C is an alternative compromise between the two.

Agreed that APS-C is a good compromise, in fact, I'm using APS-C now. I was very interested in using Fujifilm, but they don't have a good "walk-around" lens that I can use. The 16-55 f/2.8 is a good lens, but too heavy and not enough reach. The 18-135 is much derided, and the new 16-80 has gotten very mixed reviews and many don't recommend it. If either the 18-135 or 16-80 were better lenses, I would more strongly consider Fujifilm.

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