Deciding between Sony and Olympus systems for landscape/backpacking

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Re: Deciding between Sony and Olympus systems for landscape/backpacking

Martin_99 wrote:

Your setups seems to be too big for hiking to me, but why not. From these two I would definitely choose fullframe because of image quality.

Just curious - why Sony FF and Olympus? Why not Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, etc.?

My biggest thing is I want a really good "walk-around" lens that I can leave on my camera a lot of the time, ideally with a 24-120 or more equivalent reach, to minimize lens swapping in the field. The only reason I'm considering M43 is the high praise of the 12-100, which seems like perhaps the best superzoom ever created. It's sharp throughout the range, and even in the corners. The Sony 24-105 is also highly reviewed, and while the zoom range is less, with the cropping of the A7R II, it's pretty similar to a 24-150 equivalent M43 or APS-C lens.

I'm not a huge fan of Canon's RF FF offerings. I love the weight of the RP, for example, but the sensor is even worse than the E-M1 II's! And the "walk-around" lenses that I'm interested in are either too heavy (the 24-105 f/4) or have gotten very mixed reviews (the 24-105 f/4-7.1 and 24-240). I'm interested in Nikon depending on how reviews of the upcoming 24-200 are, but the 24-70 f/4 isn't enough reach for me. For whatever reason I've never been a big fan of Panasonic.

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