Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

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Re: Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

parambyte wrote:

However, with the EOS R5 on the horizon, should I wait? (Considering my cameras typically last a very long time. might as well but the most current and feature full)?

What are people's experiences with the RF mount? I have some normal Canon EF Mount lenses.

Given the real world price differential and, in the long term, your investment should be in the lenses I would say go for the RP and then, if you can justify it the R5 later and keep the RP as a backup or 2nd body.

I got an RP last Novemeber in Canon UKs Black Friday cashback promotion plus a retailers own Black Friday discount for about (in total) just over 1/2 retail at the time. Since then I have spent far more on two RF lenses which I could just as much have used the equivalent EF glass I already had, but it was worth it anyway.

I shoot mostly stills but play with video, so the non-full frame 4k features are not a critical for me, and TBH 1080p full-frame is enough for touristy things.

My 1Ds III has hardly been used since I got the RP.

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