Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

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Re: Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

FlyingRon wrote:

It would very much depend on what you want to shoot. If you're shooting 1080 youtube vlogs or something, the RP will be adequate. If you have dreams of doing some 4K cinematography, you'll definitely want either a video camera or wait until the R5. The RP in 4K mode is pretty limited. Even in 1080, it's a bit deficient in certain aspects (like auto focus). Of course the Rp is an $900 camera and the R5 is likely going to be in the price range of the current D5 models.
If you want something comparable to your existing D5 for stills, you may wish to wait. While the Rp is a capable camera, it's not quite in the same league.
That being said, for amateur stuff, the RP is fine. I took the RP and the 24-105 kit lens and many of my existing EF lenses to Australia and New Zealand for five weeks in February/March and was entirely satisfied with the performance. I only shot a couple of videos but they came out pretty nice.

As for the RF mount, the biggest issue is that Canon hasn't been fast enough getting the lenses out for it. There's still a very large hole in the line up, especially the primes (for example while the 50mm 1.8 Macro is promised, it doesn't exist). The only RF lens I have is the short zoom mentioned above. I've got both a straight adapter and the polarizer adapter so I can use my EF mount lenses. That's worked pretty much flawlessly. All the Canon lenses for sure and also my 100-500mm zoom and the tell converter from Sigma.

A bit OT, but the only issue is that some people are impatient and expect everything immediately when that is obviously unrealistic. As you say, the EF lenses work flawlessly anyway. Other than that, I agree with you.

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