Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

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Re: Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

parambyte wrote:

Hello. I have been shooting video with a 5D Mark 1 all these years and it generally suited my work (for more pro work I would rent an Alexa). Now with its board gone, I am looking for a new camera to buy.

Since Mirrorless is the way, I was considering the EOS RP (The sound monitoring head phone jack is very important and it would be wonderful to get slightly higher FPS than 25).

However, with the EOS R5 on the horizon, should I wait? (Considering my cameras typically last a very long time. might as well but the most current and feature full)?

The RP is less than 1K$, the R5 is at least 3K$, but less than 4K$, if this amount of money is not a problem there should be no reason to prefer the RP over the R5, I'm going to buy the R5 because the price (if confirmed) sounds good to me, if it's good for you you should do the same, but for its price the RP is good too, if you want to save money (maybe for some lenses), for sure the R5 could be a much more relevant camera than the RP even after 10 years or 15 years (as your 5D is that old).

What are people's experiences with the RF mount? I have some normal Canon EF Mount lenses.

Canon EF lenses are fully supported with 3 official Canon  adapters to the extent that there is some consensus that in some cases adapted lenses are working better than on a DSLR, there is more precise focus at least with large aperture lenses and no need for calibration.

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