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Huh? Who said “aps-c”?

Just tried my new Neewer lens on the Panasonic S1 (FF) camera body.  No sign of vignette - this seems to be a full frame image circle lens.  It is a dumb MF lens on a dumb EF-L adapter so there is no chance (?) of the auto-crop feature of the camera being invoked - unless of course that there is some inner magic involved whereby the camera body can somehow detect a vignette when it sees one and trim it off

So the puzzle proliferates - is my Neewer one of the 10x7 optical bunch or have the vendors of the Kelda/Neewer/Jintu version become mixed up in their own rhetoric whilst warning that FF camera bodies will vignette and that the lens has a 6x6 optical formula.

Opteka claims 10x7 and make no mention of FF or aps-c, only one vendor claims that the Opteka version is FF capable.

To say that I am puzzled is very true as is to confess that I am happy with the lens nevertheless is also a fair assumption.

This also proves that the infinity focus is not quite precise as the apparent infinity is at the10 metre focus ring mark - just like the EF-M4/3 adapter. This is the last mark on the scale before infinity which is not a huge issue and probably could be adjusted out by adjusting the focus ring rather than by shimming - if I could be bothered.  This would mean that the extending lens would not be as fully retracted at infinity - which tends to indicate that the mount plate is really at issue.  The mount plate is screwed to the lens base so it is not a universal mount - meaning many plates could be used. Furthermore shimming could be done as a sandwich insert.

An image of the boundless clear blue Australian sky this beautiful autumn morning shows not even a hint of vignette on a FF sensor.

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