My X-T4 is finally here

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Michael Berg
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My X-T4 is finally here

Hello all,

The day before yesterday it finally came. Six weeks after selling my treasured X-T2, the guys from Bring dropped off a box full of X-T4 goodness inside.

So what's it like. I obviously haven't had much time with it, so I'll just share a few quick observations:

- This is an absolutely magnificent piece of equipment, a brick in your hands that feels completely solid. Buttons are adequately raised from the camera body to be easy to find when looking through the viewfinder, and reward you with a nice clicky sound when you use them. Dials are tight and lockable and the layout works. There is absolutely zero give, wobbling, squeaking or anything like that. This camera is VERY well built and makes you want to hold it all the time.

- One exception to the above is the shutter button itself. It is placed on the actual top plate of the camera, and is frankly somewhat uncomfortable for my index finger to reach at that angle. It would have been more ergonomic for the shutter button to be slanted forward. Oh well, no biggie.

- The flippy screen is a treat to work with. Opens and closes back into the body with a satisfying, clicky sound and just feels very solid and easy to use. Being able to flip the display inwards is extremely useful for travel purposes. The display is bright and seems to have good color rendering. Touch sensitive of course. If any of you are nervous about this design change from the previous generation, don't be. It only gives you more options.

- The menus are very similar to the older models. There are more image quality options that you need to Google a bit to find out what they do. There are so many ways to fine tune the look you want from your images. Almost too many. Some menu items disable other menu items for reasons that can be difficult to understand, and the menus aren't always grouped in an intuitive way. But it's just a matter of learning where things are.

- The shutter sound is quiet and precise and produces a smile on my face every time I hear it. It has that same tight and precise quality to it as the rest of the camera does.

- The IBIS is truly magic. All my old M42 vintage stuff just magically stabilized. Manual focus at F/2? Not a problem anymore. This alone is worth the premium price of the X-T4. Having used these vintage lenses so many times on my X-T2, it blows my mind how well the X-T4 can stabilize them.

- No dedicated charger in the box means you have to charge the battery in-camera. Not a huge deal but the USB-C connector sits behind a plastic or rubber flap that can be quite difficult to pry open. I would have preferred an dedicated charger in the box more than the included, off-the-shelf USB-C charger. This is after all a flagship, $1700 camera.

- No flash in the box. Not even the tiny little popup flash that we got with the X-T2. Oh well.

- The X-RAW studio application which I happen to use a lot is released in a new version 1.9.0 which supports the X-T4.

If any of you have specific questions about the camera please feel free to ask.

In the mean time here's a few of the initial test shots I made. I bought the camera without a kit lens so all I have right now to put on it is my Helios M44 58/2. A very old, russian design which is quite possibly radioactive, but produces distinctive swirley bokeh.

I shot most of these shots wide open at F/2 for some reason, so for some of the landscape stuff you'll see a lot of field curvature where things aren't in focus. But hopefully the flower shots provide some evidence to how easy the X-T4 is able to manually focus with the new IBIS helping to steady things.

Out-of-camera jpegs (using X-Raw studio) with minimal post processing (mostly cropping).

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