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kokopuffs wrote:

Alright I got a stupid question if you'll note that I upgraded from a compact body. What makes the D6 (or D5) preferable from the D850 as I don't quite know enough here????

Everyone has different idea/approach to shooting so here is mine.

Robustness!!! is number one for me. Most other photogs who shoot with two camera setup carry cameras just like me, upside down on the straps so we bump cameras all the time. And it is not that D800es or D810 I shot with before broke or got damaged to a point that they stopped working but a fear that it might happen.

Double the shutter life which I already surpassed, 12fps, XQD (for faster transferring to a computer but fast enough that I don't have desire to upgrade to CFe or D6 for that matter), buffer size (much larger to a point that I don't need it to be that large but it is there so I am not complaining and according to Brad Hill's review even larger than D6), Ethernet port which allowed me to build something like this for about $60 and it is faster than Nikon solutions. Also, at  the fraction of the cost. It does not require any modification or any special setup. With D850 not having Ethernet port it would require FW modification and use of USB port which is less secure even with that little adapter Nikon provides. Not to mention that it is slower than Ethernet. I actually modified this setup slightly so I can attach both pieces together and hang it on my belt after I took this picture. I also replaced straight cables with coiled ones. And that 10000mah battery lasts very long time. I have never discharged it.

Larger battery for thousands of shots. Neither D500 or D850 can take that many on El-EN15. And neither one of them can take that many on EN-EL18 either. One time I got 11000 shots on one DSTE battery machine gunning in 3 days. I shot 37 small red carpet events. They were mostly in the same building though that is why I could. Again, it is not like I can't take more batteries with me but a fear of something would happen if I have to change batteries during the shoot. Same thing with the Godox/Flashpoint batteries. I no longer want to deal with AAs. Go to a decent size red carpet with 30-40 photogs after it has finished and take a look on the floor. You will find a bunch used AAs. I have even found rechargeable they forgot to pick up.

Dedicated focusing chip. Though the jury, even for me, is still out if it actually helps. Maybe it was necessary because the main processor is not fast enough to perform double duty and it has to perform more than in D850.  In my experience D500 focusing more reliable. And I am not the only one who says that. I shoot D500 and D5 side by side and that is what I noticed on the same subjects in the same conditions. Of course even though conditions are the same and the subject is the same there are other factors involved like the subject is covering more of the frame so there is more texture to focus on for a single AF point. I can only speculate.

Of course build in vertical setup so I don't have to deal with BG even though I never had problems with BGs and all my other cameras have them permanently attached. Again, fear that something might happen wins over all the time.

Then there are minor (for me) factors like buttons below the second LCD that I sometime use. Or cards security latch. I am not to worried about dual card setup but it is there so it is a plus because it uses identical cards and not XQD and SD. On D500 I only use XQD.

These are the major factors that make my life easier. There are probably minor factors in the menus of the camera but I don't use them anyway.

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