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Re: And while you are at it....

Mackiesback wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

kokopuffs wrote:

SushiEater wrote:..........................With all that negativity around, D6 will be widely available, you just need to call stores instead of asking for a link here.

"...negativity around...", negativity concerning what?

That it is not worth the upgrade if you already got D5. Plus all the Youtubers who most people take for granted compared to Nikon Ambassadors who will never tell you the truth in their reviews. D6 was already shipped and will be available. It is not going to be like with D850 or even like with D800 that you had to wait for many months to get it. It is going to be more like with D810.

Seriously, so what. Is the 780 a worthy upgrade to the 750? Is the 810 a worthy upgrade to the 800E.

To me upgrading from D800e to D810 was was no brainer because D810 has one feature I use ALL the time and D800 lacks. I got used to this feature on Canon cameras I used before. Focus point change based on orientation. Other than that D810 is not worth it and if I did not buy it I would have skipped it for D850. Just like for me D850 is not worth it over D810.

Is the 7500 a worthy upgrade to the 7200 to the 7100 to the 7000? Most would say no. Nikon does not have a recent history of introducing replacement models that are a "must have" over the generation directly in front of it. They are simply "what's next". I am sorry that they didn't call a D5s for you. Would that have really changed anything? Other than hopefully some peaceful silence, no.

It doesn't matter what is next or what it is called. If it was D5s I would still not upgrade.

All the negativity around this camera, at least here, seems to be coming from you, to the point where you scold someone simply for asking where to get one. Good grief.

No, not just from me. You just happen to read most of my posts. I am just the loudest because I see things as they are. For example that thread about the buffer. Many were arguing that D6 needs CFe card and I said it doesn't matter. Well not only I was right but i was double right. Read Brad Hill's review. Looks like Nikon castrated the buffer size too.

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