D6 has arrived

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Re: D6 has arrived

I have never looked at a next version of a camera as something I needed to replace my current version of the same camera with.

From my perspective  manufacturers -be it cameras,   televisions or cars-  keep making upgrades to their product lines  and at that point when I need a new device I consider the current  version  that is available.

It would not occur to me to replace a new  functional D5 with a D6 unless the  new unit had an  obvious  IQ altering leap in the sensor.  That did not happen.

Same goes for replacing a D850 with its successor. At least 50% more resolution to even think about it.

As it happens I bought a  D810  36MP as my starter DSLR ,  skipped the jump to  the D850 45MP and will likely move to the  new  D version if it has the 61MP sensor that has been discussed.  36 to 61  with other new bits six years later makes sense to me and I will not replace the D810 but add to the  digital side of my kit which is viable for work. Alternately  a revised  GFX  S version would also be an option as a second digital camera.

Unless the pandemic never ends.

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