IBIS and OIS - Questions re: faster shutter speeds

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IBIS and OIS - Questions re: faster shutter speeds


Got my T-4 now and hoping to get out more from the backyard in this Covid-19 pandemic. My question today centers around when to turn off OIS and IBIS at faster shutter speeds. Lots published on slower shutter speeds, not much at the other end. It's the faster shutter speeds where I have some questions.

I know the general rule of thumb for most cameras is to turn off lens image stabilization at about 1/250th to 1/300th or faster when hand holding or using a monopod. I try to always turn it off when on a tripod.

My own non scientific checking with the X- T2 and X-T3 found you could flip a coin at the 1/200 to 1/350 range and to always turn OIS off at faster shutter speeds.

1. Does this hold true in your experience and your reading for the Fuji lenses as well?

2. Does IBIS and OIS have the same cut off points for faster shutter speeds as OIS alone?

3. Any need to ever turn off image stabilization with the 16-80 mm OIS lens?

4. Any special consideration for a big heavy lens like the 100-400mm?

I am doing some testing this afternoon. However, multiple testing with several bodies and lenses and different testing protocols, in my judgement, gives a more accurate big picture. So I do appreciate your opinions and conclusions. I will let you know in a few days what I am finding out.


Fujifilm X-T3 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2
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