75mm M lens?

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Re: 75mm M lens?

RobertLysakowski wrote:

I was thinking about this one but finally decided to get my first Leica lens (I already have 35/2 Ultron and 50/2 Zeiss). I've read some very positive reviews about CV but it also was stated that it shines for portraits and in range of 2-5 meters.

As right now I am looking for something more versatile with good landscape capabilities I thought Summarit will do just fine. Currently it's on sale in local Leica store and the price difference between Voigtlander is not that big, which helped me with my decision.

The one thing which I did not like too much about CV was how the lens extends/retracts during focusing, showing/hiding the DOF scale. I did not want to have lens which behaves in operation like a zoom lens (at least this is what I figured out from the youtube review). Perhaps in normal use this is not an issue at all.

Who knows, if I will need a lens for portraits, I think CV 1.5 will be the one I will definitely look at.

Despite what you may have read, the CV Nokton 75/f1.5 does landscapes and other distant shots just fine.  Yes, it is a superb portrait lens, but it is more than that.

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