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Ivan983 wrote:

Now thats a massive information i had no clue about! Are there other Mamiya lenses (different letter)that will work with m43?

Many Mamiya/Sekor lenses are standard M42 lenses, and will work on M4/3 with a standard M42 adapter.


Mamiya/Sekor SX lenses are modified M42.


The lens mount itself is standard M42, but there's a ridge and pin on the aperture ring that's meant to connect with a mechanism on a Mamiya SX camera body. This ridge and pin interferes with a standard M42 adapter and prevents you from screwing the lens all the way in. For normal operation, you either need to modify the lens by filing down the ridge and pin; or modifying the adapter by filing it down to make clearance for the ridge and pin.

M42 Mamiya/Sekor 50/2 on the left, SX Mamiya/Sekor 55/1.8 on the right

Note the pin at approximately the 3:00 position on the SX; the ridge is a bit hard to see in this photo.

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