changing aperture in GR 2 without up-down dial?

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Re: changing aperture in GR 2 without up-down dial?

mcshan wrote:

... but that dial is really handy and think about leaving it uncovered. This is posted in a friendly way.

Good luck with the camera and have fun!

Thanks mcshan  - I agree that having a dial for this function is very useful, but I'm afraid that a wheel like this is not an ideal implementation of this type of control.

First of all, because of the plane that the slot of the dial is on (vertical and not horizontal, like, for instance, the ADJ dial), then dust grains are able simply to fall straight into the camera.

Secondly, having a dial that revolves 360 degrees just pushes into the camera any dust that has settled on the dial, any time you turn it (as opposed to the ADJ lever, that only can be partially pushed either right or left).

I would have much preferred to see on this same location as the up-down dial, a switch/button like the + - (plus-minus) one that exists on the upper right, that controls the exposure. The index finger would access this, like the present up-down dial, but would press the plus and minus, instead of rotating a dial.

Or have an additional one like this between the existing one and the ADJ dial - there's enough space there for an additional one like this. This would mean that the thumb would access this, again, using presses instead of turning a wheel that pushes dust inside.

I see that I indeed don't have a work-around for this up-down  dial, so I won't be taping it down. Just saying that this could have been better designed.

Another thing - for me, at least, this up-down dial is a bit too recessed and small, and feels a bit flimsy. I would have preferred something bigger and more tactile, like the ADJ dial...

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