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Re: review will take weeks

chambeshi wrote:

kenya kid wrote:

Yes and you are exactly right as I purchased the D6 in the hope that my keeper rate for animals hunting (on the run) and birds in flight will increase. Also I am hopeful that a high ISO setting of 12,800 will be usable as so many potential great wildlife images must be successfully captured in very low light.

It will be weeks before those with years of prior field experience shooting challenging action scenes reach firm conclusions. It is however a hard cold fact, the D6 has a new AF engine, which Nikon will be cloning across to its future cameras, including MILCs.

Optimizing the customization of a D6 for one's local needs takes weeks of experimenting. The D6 brings you so many more options , which are alone big positives. (Obviously, those who will never shoot a D6 including the ranks of noisy keyboard protographers will keep saying the D6 is only a D5*).

In his latest blog, Brad Hill just confirmed the positives of the improved "Recall Shooting Functions" in the D6 - to switch the camera's settings instantly to capture unexpected moments. This alone should prove to be a huge game changer in its own right.


You bring up an excellent point, which is the idea that a certain amount of expertise and time is required to properly evaluate a camera like this.  Thus when some Youtubers or internet commenters just dismiss the camera or criticize it on specs, you know they don't have a clue.

This is a specialized tool and one needs to have some idea of how to use it and its intended use cases.  It cannot be properly evaluated with the mindset of a standard consumer.

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