Looking for advice on buying a semi-professional camera

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Re: Looking for advice on buying a semi-professional camera

Fanfiction wrote:

I'm a recent college grad going into journalism. I have some photography experience from previous jobs, but always either used my cheap camera or borrowed a nice one from the university. I don't know much about camera equipment. I've saved up around $1000 to buy myself a decent camera and thought that consulting you guys would be a good idea. What should I be looking for? How do I know what features are important? How much should I be spending on the camera itself vs. a decent lens?

Articles that I've found have said that a professional camera runs around 2k-3k, so I'm not looking for something at that level. That said, I would like to find something that is durable and offers me enough options to mess around a bit and take pictures in a variety of environments (high and low light, close up and far away, objects in motion.)

Any tips or suggestions?

I assume you are planning on being a reporter or blogger, not a photojournalist. Nothing is going to serve every purpose, but I suggest a good mid-range used camera body with a kit lens. Something like a used Canon 6D, 5D II (a 5D III would be super, but you might not find it at your price point) with a 24-105 lens or similar Nikon setup will cover many routine situations. A basic flash would be useful, too.

With time an experience you will discover the possibilities and limitations of your camera/lens and see if you need to upgrade.

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