Search for the cheap new aps-c to adapt

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Re: Search for the cheap new aps-c to adapt

petrochemist wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

petrochemist wrote:

I believe I have the same focal reducer yet I've found most of the APSC lenses I've tried have not covered the sensor. The different sensor ratio probably being responsible.

It should be noted that 'APSC' is used for several different crop factors 1.5x (most of my APSC kit) 1.6x (Canon) & 1.7x (older Sigma)

I've only tried a few 1.5x with the reducer all of which clearly showed the inside of the hood.

Zero vignette with this lens and this focal reduction adapter on my M4/3 camera image.

I am off shortly to try and set the FR adapter to register infinity.

It may be that I tested mine with UWA/fisheye lenses that where close to the minimum coverage needed for APSC. There are quite a few 'APSC' lenses that can actually cover FF.

I have four Sigma DC (aps-c) lenses that I can focus reduce on M4/3  Only one gives a very faint vignette that you have to look hard to see.  One, a very wide zoom, will vignette the fixed hood petals at 4:3 format but when I switch the camera to the lens 3:2 format the hood vignette disappears.  I also two Pentax aps-c lenses - they also are ok.  As is the present Neewer lens.  But I do agree that there may be some lenses made for aps-c image circle that might vignette.  However focal reduction of “standard” aps-c (whatever that is) should give slightly more than an aps-c image circle on a 4/3 sensor.  Most lenses do have a little spare in their image circle. Not guaranteed of course.

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