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Re: 50's

Ivan983 wrote:

Thank you Travis for such a great reply. Seems like Olympus is the way to go. All this lenses are interesting to me including Yashica, pentax, minolta.. but it seems like that Olympus 50/1.8 is a standard. Feels like everyone has one of these:)

i also found this lens as well not sure how is it

Hopefuly one day i get my hands on Nocticron or Helios .. for now i think ill get Oly for $25 and get to learn how to use it properly. After that i am assuming 35mm comes in as necessary.

If that first character after Mamiya-Sekor is an E then you will have a hard time to get it adapted to a M4/3 camera. The aperture is electronically controlled on the Z cameras.


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