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10 Sample images ... here y'are

Bear in mind I am using an RJ focal reduction adapter EF-M4/3

Panasonic GM5 camera body

Early test - almost no light  my eyes did not find it nearly this bright

A sort of "edges" test wide open bright sunlight

Stopped down to "f10"

jpg straight out of camera of course. No vignette.

I found that the camera was focusing infinity before the end stop - quite a bit.  So I tested both the plain and focal reduction adapters with an expensive "known good" lens - the adapters seemed ok.  So I have found a not terminal fault that justifies the very low price.  However and of course the focal reduction adapter can be adjusted for good infinity focus - which I did.  As I intend to use this lens as a very fast knockabout MF lens I will leave the adjusted FR adapter paired to it.  So from my point of view - I am happy with my purchase - even if it only has six elements in six groups. 

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