Search for the cheap new aps-c to adapt

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Re: Search for the cheap new aps-c to adapt

walter g1 wrote:


Neewer 85mmf1.8 is a 6/6 design.

Opteka 85mm f1.8 is a 10/7 design.

There are also cheap 85mm f1.8 lenses with a 9/7 design.

Not that I care that much but this Opteka thing has me a bit puzzled:

Looks like 6x6 in the illustration

It seems to be found at reduced prices when I look closer.  I can only find them in Nikon mount that might account for some small  weight discrepancies.  One vendor claims that they are full frame capable - all others just list the Nikon dslr bodies that they will mount on.

Visually they are the spitting image of the Kelda/Jintu/Neewer lens and hood apart from "Opteka" finishing.

The illustrated Optekas have the same crazy stops 22-10-6-4.5-3.5-3-2.5-1.8* and the same focus scale markings in feet and metres*.  They both have minimum focus distance of 0.85m.

The vendor I bought mine from is now advertising the Neewer at AUD$172 (free delivery) - which is a big jump from the price I bought mine. It is said to fit all EF mount dslr bodies (listed) but carefully notes that other than aps-c and it will vignette.  No such warning in the Opteka listing but only one listing intimates that it is a FF lens (see above).

*To add fuel one (only) Opteka for Nikon mount has the apertures scale as:

22-11-7.5-4-3.2-2.5-1.8 and a focus scale with similar spacing but with feet only markings. But otherwise they all look the same and all claim 10x7 optical construction.

I might wonder if there are actually two different Opteka lenses being sold but described as the same thing - if so the buyers must be getting pot-luck as to what is actually being delivered.

This basically "Kelda" lens has been around for a few years now and I wonder if there might have been running changes in the specification.

Opteka is just another re-brander like the others as far as I know.

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