Adding an XH-1 in addition to my Xpro-3

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Re: User of both cameras

Nebeldiener wrote:

I own the X-H1 and the X-Pro 2.

The X-H1 + battery grip with the 16-55 is my combo of choice if I don't know beforehand what I need. The X-Pro 2 with the grip attachment and the 23/f2 and 50/f2 (and hopefully a 35mm in the future) is my dedicated street and EDC setup.

I did buy the X-H1 because I like to have two cameras and the X-T3 didn't feel comfortable in my hands.

I like the top screen but not for the reasons I thought I would. During shooting, I only use it to set exposure compensation. Why should I read the shutter speed, aperture, ISO of that display when I can just look at the dedicated wheels? I still love that little display. Why? Because it shows the battery life, shots left, SD-cards. Before going out shooting I have a quick look at that display and know if the batteries are charged (and if I have 3 batteries in the camera), if I have 2 SD-cards in my camera and if I have enough space on them. And all of that without having to turn the camera on.

About the Q-button. I read online that a lot of people don't like its placement. Apparently it gets hit quite easily. Personally it never happened to me. The Q-button is on the thumb grip. My thumb is right against the left side of the grip, never on top of it. I don't really understand how other people manage to inadvertently press the button, but I am not other people (maybe my hands aren't big enough for it to happen). It's something to look out for. If it ends up bothering you, there is the option to disable the Q-button.

IBIS is good. Nothing to run home about but definitely usable (coming from m43). Others have pointed out correctly that IBIS won't save you from motion blur. It's still nice to have it for lenses without OIS (e.g. 16-55) because it helps with unsteady hands. Take your longest lens and try to focus on a small object. I bet that it is easier with IBIS on.

What the X-H1 for street photography is concerned. It isn't my number one choice but I still use it from time to time (without the battery grip of course). The shutter on my X-Pro2 is loud enough for people to notice it. I see a person I want to photograph, get close, line up the shot, click the shutter button and the person turns around to see what is going on. Not too great for candid stuff.

With the X-H1 I can get really close to the subject and take pictures without him/her noticing it. At first, I thought that people would definitely notice the X-H1 more and yes it gets noticed but I don't get as much of a negative reaction taking pictures because of the shutter sound (or lack there of). People are curious because I'm walking around with a camera but I don't get the "did you just take a picture of me" look.

The X-Pro 2 with the E-Shutter works just as well though

Don't get me started with Sony cameras for Street Photography My brother owns the Sony A7 III and every time I use it I imagine the engineers like:

"The shutter isn't loud enough."

"How loud would you like it to be?"

"How loud can you make it?"

Have fun with your new camera. I'm sure that after you've held it in your hands everything else is negligible

I appreciate the feedback! You street photography comments show that the quiet shutter is a good thing to have. It isn’t like the XPro2/3 is invisible when out on the street. Though the rangefinder look seems to disarm some subjects, or maybe it is just my old dude from the mid-west look

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