IBIS test on Sony A6500 and Tamron 70-180/2.8

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Re: IBIS test on Sony A6500 and Tamron 70-180/2.8

voronspb wrote:

Euell wrote:

If that proposition is accurate, then the minimum hand-held shutter speed for a 180mm lens on the A6500 is not 1/180th of a second, but rather 1/270th of a second. And, it would seem there are implications for image stabilization as well.

Sure thing, the 1/F rule for APS-ะก would be 1/270 s.

But! The 1/F rule is very old, it was invented in time period, when everyone shot film. And there you had not 24 or 50 or 61 MP, but closer to 5 MP, and you didn't examine each photo under a loupe, but printed it and watched as a whole.

In the present the situation has changed, and 1/F rule is very optimistic. Now, if you want a razor-sharp photo at 100%, you must either utilize a MUCH faster shutter, like 1/2F to 1/4F, or use stabilization.

And actually, while examining a photo under 100% mag, the 24 MP cropped sensor would require exactly the same "safe" shutter speed as 54 MP FF sensor. Because their pixels are the same.

My comment was really meant to critique your comparison of the A6500 IBIS to full frame. It would appear that for any given focal length and shutter speed, image stabilization for APSC is significantly more demanding than for full frame. It seems to me that in making such comparisons, the field of view, rather than focal length is appropriate. So, for example, in comparing relative IBIS efficiency at 24mm for full frame, the correct comparison for APSC would be 16mm, assuming the same shutter speed.

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