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RLight wrote:

Quite effective. I haven't mentioned it because it's an assumption (that is works and is commensurate with other cameras/systems - it is btw).

I haven't tested how far it goes down to, I can if you're curious... I have very shaky hands so IS or a faster shutter is in fact required for caffeine guzzlers like myself

IS is just making sure my shots come out crispy (for me) or making sure I don't blow my ISO out of the water at times when I want to maintain a longer focal but dial down the shutter to something more reasonable. Other folks like to use it as a quasi tripod, I don't. I've found point and shoots IS systems aren't good enough for that sort of thing, but I can try. I'm not the best candidate to test that though due to my coffee habit truth told if that's what you're after but can report back with best shutter that's in focus.


i currently use an LX100 II and an E-M5 II, and have used a number of other cameras/systems over the years, and I’ve found the variance in IS effectiveness to be really quite wide. I’ve found the LX100’s to be able to give me a 1 stop (sometimes 2) slower shutter speed than the typical 1/focal length (in full frame equivalent terms) rule of thumb, while I can get 4-5 stops of IS with my E-M5 II. I don’t have the steadiest hands in the world either, so good to know that you find it effective.

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