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Re: Sample images?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

M_digicapt wrote:

Sounds interesting! I also have the dumb EF to M43 focal reducer... does it sharpens up by F2.8? A sharp 60mm f2 would be great for portriats and night gatherings...

I am working on it as I have only had it one day. Seems sharp enough - I have to adjust the focal reducer as it focuses way before infinity. I find that FR adapters are not always perfect infinity even though they always work.

The lens seems sharp on lcd to my tin-eyes - even wide open - but I will have to get some off the camera to be more sure.

I did not look at the reviews being more intent in the opportunity of such a cheap lens that was also capable of being so fast. The reviews when read are so disappointing that even cheap would not be good enough. But the lens has been around for a while and maybe it has been tweaked since first released?

Things that I saw in reviews:

Aperture - the aperture stops on mine work fine.

Build quality - mine is good.

Focus action - mine is quite smooth.

There seems to be a need to take a swipe at anything that Is cheap. But the proof is in the eating and no doubt mine can be expertly dissected just as soon as some images Can be seen.

But for the moment the lens seems good value for what I paid, but the Opteka branded version from a US vendor seems three times The retail price that I paid plus the extra freight Is almost as much as my landed price to my door.

The main quirks are that the aperture ring has “odd” stops: 22-10-6-4.5-3.5-3-2.5-1.8 and it comes with a decent hood fitted with 72mm end cap. The hood does come off and could be slipped over the lens body but not mounted reversed. The revues say that a 58mm lens cap could fit - not supplied.


Maybe the simpler 6/6 renders differently...

In the US the Opteka 85mm costs $90 shipped. There's a chance that the cost of importing the lens to the US and then to Australia is the reason for the price you see.
The same thing happens here sometimes, some things are cheaper if ordered directly from China.

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