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Re: Advice for passing Adorama verification

Fuergrissa wrote:

I've been trying to make a ~$2200 purchase from Adorama for the last two weeks, but everytime I place an order I get an email that it was put on Hold pending verification. 2 days later it will receive an email that my order was canceled.

the first time I triple checked my credit card info, Billing, Shipping, and CC account addresses are all the same, the charge shows as pending on my CC, I've verified with the CC company three times that the charge was approved on their end, and even put a standing pre-auth for anything from Adorama, but still the same result.

I've replied to Adorama's emails asking if they need anything but I get a reply that I should just wait for the purchase to be verified, no request for supporting documents or anything. I've called Adorama verification department and the person on the phone would not tell me anything, just that the order was escalated to someone "higher up" to verify, and again told me there was nothing I could do to move the process along, that person would be in touch if they needed anything. Next day: Order canceled, no explanation, no contact.... what is going on, is this normal? Does Adorama hate sales?

Has anyone successfully passed this process before and can offer advice? At this point I would be happy to just swear off every buying from Adorama again and move on, except that the item I want to buy is not available anywhere else right now.

I'm sorry this was your experience with our Verification process. Can you please email me your order details so I can look into this? My emails is

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