Your experience trading in used equip to B&H/Adorama

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Re: Your experience trading in used equip to B&H/Adorama

melikecookies wrote:

I typically don’t leave reviews, but my particular experience with Adorama left a bad taste in my mouth. To start off, they quoted me a higher ball park before I sent in the items. I will say the only positive part of all this was the initial rep I spoke with Avi. He was personable and made me feel like my previous business was appreciated. He encouraged me to send in whatever I wanted to sell additionally, even if it wasn’t a part of the original quote, and that my ballpark should increase. I originally made contact with him 3/17 and shipped my gear off 3/27. I figured it may take some time to get an estimate as Passover was approaching. Even though the estimate stated I should’ve received a quote before Passover, I also took into consideration this was around the time the pandemic hit the US hard. I figured that they would get around to it when things settled down. I received an evaluation on 4/21, which was much lower than what I had been quoted as a ball park (and keep in mind, I sent in more equipment than when I submitted the request). So I mentioned that I was not happy with the quote and I requested everything to be sent back. As a last ditch effort, they stated they would match or beat any quote I received outside of them. I never agreed to sell (mind you, I told them to send my equipment back), but I told them I would get a quote and contact them to see if they would match it. I sent a higher quote from B&H along with a quote from another website that very night. The representative said they would review that quote and get back to me the next day. Fast forward to 5/5 I still hadn’t heard anything, so I reached out via email to know the status. The representative requested I call him. So I give him a call when my schedule freed up on 5/11, and he gives me the SAME exact quote. I asked what happened to matching or beating competitors. His response was that he hadn’t gotten my email with the quotes, that he would review it and call me back the next day. At this point I’m frustrated, but this situation has been dragged out and I was ready to settle for them matching the quote and sending me back gear I felt they low-balled me on (specifically a mint condition pair of Sennheiser HD 800S headphones with all accessories and the box, to which they offered $600). Now keep in mind, I put in my email my intentions (if you can match the price, you can keep everything except the headphones). Fast forward to today 5/13 and he states that they didn’t receive some of the gear mentioned in my B&H quote. We go back and forth, and miraculously he finds that the gear has indeed been sent in under a different order (how that happened, I have no clue.. everything was sent in one shipment). After some negotiation, he agrees to match the quotes I’ve sent. So I tell him we can do that and to send my headphones back. He makes the quote higher to add the ~600 for the headphones, and I decline. After some back and forth, he tells me that the headphones had already been sold. To say that I was floored would be an understatement. I never agreed to have them sell my gear, so I was beyond speechless. I was at a loss and after some time, I just wanted to rinse my hands of them so I told them to cut me a check. At the end of the day, I REALLY wish I had read through this thread before selling to them. I know it doesn’t mean much to a business like them, but they definitely lost a customer.

I was sorry to see that this was your experience with our Trade team. I'd like to look into what happened here. If you have a minute, can you please send me your quote number?

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