IBIS test on Sony A6500 and Tamron 70-180/2.8

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Euell wrote:

There is at least some authority for the proposition that for APSC you should calculate the minimum handheld shutter speed not at the reciprocal of the focal length, but as the reciprocal of the focal length that would produce the same field of view on a FF sensor. See, e.g., https://improvephotography.com/37091/minimum-shutter-speeds-for-handheld-shooting-the-definitive-answer-to-how-slow-can-you-go/

If that proposition is accurate, then the minimum hand-held shutter speed for a 180mm lens on the A6500 is not 1/180th of a second, but rather 1/270th of a second. And, it would seem there are implications for image stabilization as well.

I don't think you (or anyone else) can make blanket statements like that. Not everyone has the same hand holding technique or experience. I shoot with an a6300 (with no IBIS) & 70-300 lens at 300mm very often. I took a shot last week at 300mm @1/60 sec. f/5.6 and was able to come away with a decent shot. I was sitting down and steadying the combo with my knee.

So, all these charts, graphs, articles, opinions are very interesting, but in practice, none of them are conclusive and probably never will be.

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