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kenya kid wrote:

Ok I am not a scientist nor a person who reads every statistical analysis of a camera's characteristics. I am a person who works in the field virtually every day (except during a pandemic). My work can be seen at 1X.com/member/alaskak

I have been using a D5 for several years in Africa and Alaska. I also use the D500 when I need a crop body. I use the D850 for landscapes, mainly in Iceland and Ireland. I am a sharpness freak (which is more about the glass than the camera body) and I use the Nikon 600 Fl lens, and their 300 2.8 (most recent iteration) and 70-20 FL lens for 95% of my images.

I received the D6 on Friday and I have played and shot with it for two days. So far, my conclusion is that it is a beast of a machine like the D5 and its JPEGS are extraordinary right out of the camera. However, I do not see any other real differences between the D5 and the D6 so far. The 14 frames per second is a nice touch as is the wifi and etc. However, the question remains - is it worth selling a D5 and replacing it with a D6? As of now I am leaning toward answering in the negative but I will see as I get back into the field and use the D6 in demanding situations. Be well everyone.

I suspect D6 will stand out from D5 only when AF tracking of the toughest of the tough subjects are concerned. Namely athletics, unpredictable BIFs, very dark environments.

Do plan to push the boundaries of you and the camera will you?

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