macbook pro 16inches. Fan issue with Lightroom Classic

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Re: macbook pro 16inches. Fan issue with Lightroom Classic

FWIW - after rebuilding my previews the fan noise so far (knock on wood) seems to not be happening any more as I use library and develop to zip through, rate/edit my pictures. So Thanks a lot...

When viewing activity monitor I can't see that LR is using any of my GPU graphics card at all - neither when building all the previews, nor when using develop mode now. (tho I never use LR to perform local edits)

I am not connected to an external monitor at all,  so that is not a variable for me.

I am using a logitech bluetooth mouse from 2007, but checked and doesn't seem to be or can't find any logitech driver installed.

Since my previews take up approx 250 gigs and I have the 2tb internal ssd, I'm going to check 'never' discard previews, as think it's worth taking up the disc space in order to have my machine running chill.

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