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kenya kid wrote:

Ok I am not a scientist nor a person who reads every statistical analysis of a camera's characteristics. I am a person who works in the field virtually every day (except during a pandemic). My work can be seen at 1X.com/member/alaskak

I have been using a D5 for several years in Africa and Alaska. I also use the D500 when I need a crop body. I use the D850 for landscapes, mainly in Iceland and Ireland. I am a sharpness freak (which is more about the glass than the camera body) and I use the Nikon 600 Fl lens, and their 300 2.8 (most recent iteration) and 70-20 FL lens for 95% of my images.

I received the D6 on Friday and I have played and shot with it for two days. So far, my conclusion is that it is a beast of a machine like the D5 and its JPEGS are extraordinary right out of the camera. However, I do not see any other real differences between the D5 and the D6 so far. The 14 frames per second is a nice touch as is the wifi and etc. However, the question remains - is it worth selling a D5 and replacing it with a D6? As of now I am leaning toward answering in the negative but I will see as I get back into the field and use the D6 in demanding situations. Be well everyone.

I am looking forward to real world field reports after all the chatter here. Please remember to check back in after you have had time with the camera.

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