macbook pro 16inches. Fan issue with Lightroom Classic

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Re: macbook pro 16inches. Fan issue with Lightroom Classic

Martin Ocando wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

Matt86 wrote:

Hi all,

My mac is connected to a Benq SW270c 2k external monitor through USB-C port.


How is it when doing the same tasks NOT connected to the external monitor.

These two long threads are about 16" MBP having hot and noisy problems when connected to an external monitor. Seems to be because having the external forces use of the dGPU which bumps up the power used hence heat. I am not following closely so don't know where it has got to.

I live in a very hot place, and I'm not having these high fan noise issues at all. I'm connected to an external monitor, and I'm using the gfxCardStatus app to monitor the active graphics card, and is right now in "d" or discrete, meaning GPU, mode, so I should be having the issues noted in those threads, but I'm not.

Does that include use of Lightroom Classic that seems to be the trigger for the OP?

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