Tilt/Shift TS-E 17 vs G 12..24 - the unbiased comparison (incl. pixel shift) A7R III/IV & 5DsR

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Re: Obvisously biased..

PWPhotography wrote:

arneh wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

CV 12mm/5.6 from the same spot, although in different year and different time

How? I simply cannot level the camera and the Cathedral is very tall so have to frame like that. If leveled the camera further down that might have to cut the tower of the cathedral a bit after full vertical perspective fix. As said my body already against the wall of another building behind me so no further I can retreat.

Look at the first picture quoted above. There is a lot of blue sky which you just cropped away in the second picture (when you also did the perspective correction). Clearly you could have leveled the camera a lot more when taking the picture, and still kept the entire cathedral in the frame!

Not just cathedral but other building at sides of the cathedral and the building surrounding me where I stood which is a square building with 3 sides. Believe I carefully framed the entire scene. If I further lower camera then might have to cut roof of these buildings a bit.

But you didn't include those other buildings in the TS picture, so you're not comparing like to like!

And neither are those buildings included in the final perspective corrected photo, they are just cropped away. So clearly you didn't need to tilt the camera that far up, and hence you didn't need to introduce that much perspective which needed correction.
So this is a very poor comparison, where you seem to artificially handicap the non-TS lens. I would have liked to see the comparison if you made an honest attempt at creating the same image as best as possible, but this is not it, so it's kind of useless comparison.

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