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Yannis1976 wrote:

Thank you!

I have bought one used from eBay and waiting for it to test it against my X100F. Of course I am not expecting better IQ from the G5X but what I am looking for is more convenience with relatively adequate/good IQ.

The X100F is great as a camera with very good IQ but has some limitations that I cant seem to overcome (fixed lens, not pocketable, lack of tilt screen for waist shooting). The G5X II has all these covered so it will be mainly IQ and user experience that I will be checking. Lets see, it will be one of the two...

The X100F, is APS-C, it's in another IQ tier entirely, especially with a prime!

But to your point (and mine about tradeoffs), you loose quite a bit (fixed focal and not pocketable). The G5X II scratches the itches of convenience but does it with reasonable tradeoffs (not top notch build, not the sharpest lens but not dull, 1" sensor)

It's a juggling game. I suspect if you want something you can pocket, the G5X II will be a go-to for many for some time to come. The reality is, to get pocket-able, you gotta go 1", but then you have to deal with the limitations of 1" (less image quality than a larger sensor).

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