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Re: 50's

So you are looking for a kind of portrait/short tele lens on the GX85, approx. the viewing angle of a 100mm on full frame. You might as well look for C-mount lenses too then as many will cover the M4/3 sensor size.

If it is for portraits then the fastest lens you have in mind will be suitable for M4/3 when DOF still should give some subject separation. 1.4 lenses. There are enough vintage FF SLR lenses with good center resolution. If it is for landscape some slower lenses, like the Yashica ML 50mm 2.0, can be excellent. Small size, excellent resolution over more than the center but on FF falling off at the edges.

Check the 50's tests here, landscape and MTF shorter distance, and concentrate on the center resolution samples for M4/3: https://theothersideofbokeh.wordpress.com/2017/08/04/fifty-fifties/

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst
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