Nikon D750 to Fuji Xt4?

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Re: Nikon D750 to Fuji Xt4?

RunLMC wrote:

JayPhizzt wrote:

RunLMC wrote:

24mp X-T2 and the 23 f/1.4 at f/4, note the weird pattern on the girl's faces and general lack of sharpness, this one was edited in Lightroom but I don't think Iridient does a much better job and it makes the workflow awkward

12mp Bayer sensor Fujifilm X100 f/4

Note when I say general lack of sharpness, I'm not blaming the X-T2 for that, I'm blaming the 23 f/1.4 as I really think it's a poor lens for $900.

I can definitely tell that Lightroom has been used there as there is plenty of the "watercolor effect" in that photo. Iridient would do a much better job, as would several other softwares like Capture One for example. I also find it odd that you complain about the lens as that has nothing to do with the lens, it's all about poor demosaicing.

I also used Iridient X-Transformer and C1 when I had my X-T2 as I wanted to make it work, but I was not happy still and decided to go back to Bayer cameras as it's simpler and the results are imo, just better. In that photo, LR doesn't even have very high sharpness added, only a value of 55 with a mask of 45.

I'm complaining about the lens simply because I think it's a very overpriced optic, I've used lenses half the price that are much sharper. I was not blaming the lens for the watercolour, the lens is just not a great performer and it's notably soft before f/2.

As in my other post I don't want to derail the thread anymore so I'm gonna just let OP decide for himself and be quiet.

Can you make the RAF of the 2 women available somewhere? I'll show you the output of what a good converter can produce.

If you develop it with the free RawTherapee converter, you'll realize the artifacts you're seeing are related to Lightroom only, not X-Trans.

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