Role of sensor in color rendering?

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Iliah Borg wrote:

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Iliah Borg wrote:

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In this case, the sensor would be pretty blind to differences in color between 640 and 750 microns

From my measurements of D700, spectral responses in blue and green channels are non-zero in that range, and it is typical for a sensor with an IR filter to have 700 nm at cut-off.

Thanks for the comments! I didn't want to be negative about the D700 just illustrate some details

I'm trying to say that spectral response graphs quite often are not reliable, and graphs like the above one are something I've never seen, through 100+ cameras I've measured. I, however, understand what you were trying to illustrate - but maybe this graph doesn't suite the purpose well.

On a side note, the Y axis in linear scale is less informative than when it is in log scale; and control over light intensity is critical for obtaining reliable data.

Thanks for explaining. I was thinking about linear vs. log scale, too.
Would be interesting some of the data you measured. Good sensor data is not an abundant resource.

One thing that surprises me in the spectral response plots I have seen is the sharp rise of the red channel around 570 nm. The drop off on the right side I would think comes from IR filter.

BTW, do you think the IR cutoff is an interference filter or just IR absorbing?

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