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Ivan983 wrote:

Pretty sure this one is the 4th version since it says OM, Zuico nd Japan. Looks everything just not plasticky if i can figure how to upload a photo of it here..

Also today i found a nice tip about this lense where you can twist open(this version does not have screws) the ring at the front, remove a tiny single bearing On the inside and you get a smooth sliding focus that is much better for videos and recording moving objects whatsoever.

That sure does look like version 4. I really can't comment on the materials as Olympus was very good at making their plastic look like painted metal.

I am going to guess you mean aperture ring , instead of focus ring for the ball bearing part. I don't know of anyway to make the focus ring any smoother than it already is. Videographer remove the aperture ball bearing for seamless aperture stop down.

Most Olympus OM lenses are easy to get to the ball bearing for aperture indentation, since the aperture ring is in the front of the lens. Just unscrew the name ring and indent plate and there should be a ball bearing. However my version doesn't use a ball bearing. instead it uses a leaf spring and pin. Still easy to modify though.

As for the Yashica lenses, I think it really depends on you and the adapter you plan to buy or already have.

The Olympus lenses are small and lighter.  The Yashinon-DX 50/1.7 is going to be the heaviest because its all metal.  The ML 50/2 is probably going to be the sharpest wide open, but its not as fast and I don't know if the aperture can be modified to your liking.

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